The secret to attracting endless abundance

The Brazen Goddess

Yes! It’s possible. I’m learning more and more every day about life in general, and one of the things that I wanted to share today is a way to quickly start attracting amazing experiences, and abundance into your life. Who wants to be unhappy? I know that I only wish to live a life that is liberating fulfilling, inspiring to others, and abundant. My journey into womanhood has led me many different ways, but something that stuck with me is the ways that our thoughts affect our realities, and that every wonderful experience starts with a wonderful feeling. If you’re interested in this topic, let me know! Like this post and I’ll start getting more personal on this blog about the things that I’m learning!

Take a moment, calm your mind and visualize this: You are a direct descendant of the original people of the earth; therefore your genes still…

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What Is The Endgame For America?!?

Soulcial-isms: From the Mind of Bradford

is the New World Order a theoryCan someone please tell me, what is the endgame here? What is the purpose of the seemingly intentional crashing of the American economy back in 2006-2007? It can be argued that its alleged “recovery” is a fake, as our nation continues to print money on fancier and fancier paper, but out of thin air! Was this an act of economic tyranny by our very own? Are we all standers-by, in the midst of witnessing the economic genocide of an entire nation, or an entire planet? When we consider the globalization and homogenization of our economy with those of other major and minor international players – which has resulted in a continual allowance of millions of would-be American jobs floating over to foreign shores – what are we to make of it? Surely government “leaders” knew of the negative impact that such a pivotal decision would have on America’s local economy and the citizens…

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The Struggle

Warrior Poet Wisdom

“We struggle with the complexities and avoid the simplicities.” ~Norman Vincent Peale
struggleThe Struggle

“I struggle” countless do confess
“With things that I should do
I struggle with forgiveness
Understanding, with what’s true”They furrow brows and rub their temples
As they struggle on
They think it’s all a competition
To be won with brawn

They think that if they struggle long
Enough, that they will “win”
That “victory” will absolve them
From anger, stress and sin

And each of them is just a fool
For none of them do see
That nothing valuable is gained
From selfish victory

“Winning” arguments means that
Another person loses
Struggle does not enlighten
Because struggle abuses

How could anyone believe
That inflicting a loss
On someone, even if it’s “self”
Would allow them to cross

A challenge or difficulty
You struggle? You’re a fool!
You’re not a beast of burden
So stop acting…

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