What Is Consciousness?

Art & Crit by Eric Wayne


This is the most fundamental question of our era, because everything else rests on the answer to it. You can’t discuss free will, for example, if you can’t basically establish what consciousness is and isn’t. Centuries past the focus was on whether God exists or not, but now we are questioning our own nature. Are we essentially mechanical things or immaterial awarenesses? There are major arguments on both sides from scientific, philosophical, and religious or spiritual perspectives, but it seems people get lost in the rhetoric of their own disciplines, and end up being too reductionist, or else overly complex and convoluted. More obvious and reasonable arguments might be had from an outside perspective. The following is my humble, and amateur, if ambitious attempt to address the question.

We all already know what consciousness is, so it should be so obvious that nobody need bother thinking about it. Because it’s…

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