The Royal Distraction

Do people value their personal opinions over factual information, or are facts just generally populated opinions? The truth in today’s world is hidden in plain sight with minor distractions, distorting individuals awareness instantly. People are creatures of habit and based on this known fact it does not take much to lure most from the truth.

Media propaganda is a very dangerous weapon used against the masses. We now live in a world where seeing is believing and to think that with all this technology and access to vital information, individuals are quickly sold at the first performance that is displayed to them without checking the facts. It is sad to say that the more truth surrounding people the more they will not notice it because society is under the spell of ”Eyes Wide Shut”. We praise all that we don’t have and pay no attention to what is right in front of us.

Unfortunately, the only way for the sheeple to wake up is for them to experience some sort of disaster or a situation so alarming that the only thing they will search for is the truth. America is on a path to pure devastation and this can be avoided by unifying with one another in an unbiased way and seeing everything for what it truly is.

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